Editorial: DFM, Issue Two

November has arrived, and it has brought with it the second issue of Double Feature Magazine!

This issue delivers a new crop of talented authors with stories that span from the depths of the underground to beyond the stars. Featured this month (in order of appearance) are: Jason Lairamore, Brian Asman, Thomas Logan, Steve Carr, Fredrick Obermeyer, and Christian Riley. We have a great new selection of bite-size fiction, as well as the conclusion to Fredrick Obermeyer’s “The Floors of Memory,” part one of which was published last month in DFM #1. Many thanks to each of these amazing authors for trusting us to publish his work.

Additionally, we have our regular genre-fic editorial from Gari Seldom. This month he shares his thoughts on the collective work of the late, great Ray Bradbury. Like many authors of speculative fiction, Bradbury made significant contributions to both the horror and science fiction genres. I credit Gari with piquing my interest in Bradbury, and I’m sure his editorial will cause you either to reconsider the legendary author of Fahrenheit 451 or to seek out some of his writing (or do both).

Now it’s time for you to dive in to the delicious treats that follow. There’s sure to be a few favorites for each of you. Please check out the author bios to learn more about them and find where you can read more of their published work. Enjoy this issue of DFM!