Editorial: DFM, Issue One

Welcome to the first issue of Double Feature Magazine!

We are proud to bring you six talented authors with stories that bend the brain and nuke the nerves. Included this month (in order of appearance) are: Andrew Wilmot, Nicholas Day, Mike Sherer, David L. Day, Fredrick Obermeyer, and Jaap Boekestein. This sect of six was selected from over 100 submissions, and we hope you are as entertained by their work as were we. We can’t thank these authors enough for trusting us to publish their creations in our first issue.

We also have a short editorial from Gari Seldom on “Arena”, a popular season one episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. In this month’s piece, Gari wears both his attorney hat and his science fiction aficionado hat while ruminating on the timeless questions raised by this groundbreaking show that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The learning curve has been steep and a little frenetic in getting DFM Issue #1 ready to go, and we will continue to learn, improve and grow as DFM moves forward. We hope you will grow with us. We hope you find entertainment value in these pages. And we hope you will share DFM with your friends.

So, until next month… go read the six fantastic stories in this issue of DFM. Enjoy!