cropped-DF-tab-icon.pngDouble Feature Magazine is a monthly magazine of mind-bending science fiction and spine-tingling horror.

Each month in Double Feature you will find well-written, thought-provoking stories from talented, diverse and entertaining authors, both new and seasoned. Whether a story’s style be pulp or progressive, the most important characteristic of the tales published in Double Feature is immersive entertainment.

Double Feature delivers a balanced mix of science fiction and horror, as well as stirring artwork and engaging nonfiction, including reviews, editorials, interviews, and author featurettes.

Double Feature is available in two basic formats: 1) Purchasable print or ebook, and 2) FREE online content.

Print or ebook: Each new, complete issue of Double Feature is available in print and ebook on the first of each month for immediate purchase. The print and ebook editions contain all of the content that will be available online, PLUS TWO EXCLUSIVE bonus stories that will not be available in the free online release.

FREE online content: With the exception of the exclusive ebook/print content, Double Feature publishes its content FREE on doublefeaturemagazine.com. A new story will be available to read for FREE on each of the first four Tuesdays of each calendar month.

Two genres, one magazine—tons of entertainment. So grab some popcorn and a beverage, and let the Double Feature begin.